How about a moat? And toss in some alligators

Swamp Rabbit and I were drinking coffee from tin cups, listening to a Jimmie Rodgers album and reading a surreal story in Guardian UK:

Donald Trump discussed shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down, after ordering advisers to shut down the entire US-Mexico border, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The president also suggested electrifying the border wall and fortifying it with spikes, and deterring migrants with a moat stocked with snakes or alligators, according to the Times…

Guardian UK noted that The Times story came from interviews with White House insiders who witnessed “a frantic week of presidential rages” last March, when Trump snapped at advisers who cautioned him against using illegal tactics to keep migrants from crossing the US-Mexico border.

“I’ll bet he ain’t worried about them migrants no more,” Swamp Rabbit said. “He’s too busy worrying about Democrats.”

No doubt about it. The liar-in-chief managed to dodge possible impeachment and criminal charges despite Robert Mueller’s two-year probe into whether he colluded with Russians to sabotage the 2016 election. But his dumb luck ran out last week, thanks to news of a phone call in which he pressured Ukrainian President and comedian Volodymyr Zelensky to get dirt on Joe Biden, his main political rival.

“An impeachable offense,” Swamp Rabbit said as he spiked his coffee with whiskey from his beat-up flask. “Ain’t no way he can bluff his way around this one.”

Everybody can sense the change. Timid congressional Democrats are suddenly fired up. Trump flunkies are running for the exits to avoid answering reporters’ questions as Rudy Guiliani, Mike Pompeo and William Barr — the hog monster’s main henchmen — frantically try to fabricate a counter-narrative in which Dems are the bad guys. What’s next, I wondered.

“Maybe Trump will build a moat around the White House,” Swamp Rabbit said. “Fill it with alligators. Order the Secret Service to shoot them nosy reporters in the legs.”

“Too late,” I said. “He just hopped on the impeachment express. It might move to a House vote and then trial in the Senate. If he survives that, there’s the election, which he would lose. After that, who knows?”

We stopped jabbering and listened to more Jimmie Rodgers, who seemed to have heard my question. He was singing “In the Jailhouse Now.”

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5 Responses to How about a moat? And toss in some alligators

  1. I read that story this week too, it really was surreal, wasn’t it!


    • oddmanout215 says:

      The Trump saga gets more surreal every week. Imagine if he had the power to permanently rid himself of those meddlesome reporters. Does anyone think he wouldn’t use it?

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      • I know. I couldn’t stop cringing at the exchange with the reporter and the Finnish president, where he kept chiding him and telling him to ask the other president a question. What surreal kind of manipulation was that? It was a press conference and he was being asked about the current dominating news issue and he tries to gaslight everyone into thinking it was some breach of etiquette? I was mortified just watching him speak to the guy that way. He can’t stand anyone questioning him about even basic facts and details so I’m sure he would be thrilled to never have to answer to reporters.


  2. Bill Smith says:

    Unleash the gators on mar a lago!


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