A weasel auditions for the Supremes

Brett Kavanaugh knows why Donald Trump chose him to replace Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court, and so do all the Republican senators who are so eager to finish the confirmation charade. Even my friend Swamp Rabbit knows, and he’s drunk most of the time. He showed me this last week, from one of the mainstream news magazines:

Judge Brett Kavanaugh declined to answer two questions from Democratic senators related to presidential investigations during his confirmation hearing — if a president should comply with a subpoena and if he has the ability to self-pardon — saying both were hypothetical.

“This Kavanaugh dude is Trump’s ace in the hole,” Swamp Rabbit explained. “He ain’t gonna mess with a sitting president, no matter what the president’s accused of.”

The rabbit mentioned a 2009 law review article in which Kavanaugh wrote that “we should not burden a sitting President with civil suits, criminal investigations, or criminal prosecutions.”

Kavanaugh felt differently when Democrat Bill Clinton was in trouble, but that was way back when. He could be the swing vote if the court is asked to rule on whether our overtly corrupt president should be permitted to continue breaking the law. He isn’t about to screw up his career by promising to recuse himself from cases involving the president, or by saying anything honest about his views on abortion, the environment, gun control and other volatile issues.

“Remind me again why Kavanaugh is allowed to withhold the truth, or to tell outright lies,” I said.

The rabbit said it was because Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, during her confirmation hearing, said she shouldn’t have to answer questions about possible future cases.

“But she did answer questions about Roe v. Wade and other cases, “I replied. “And she didn’t try to hide anything about her record, like Kavanaugh did. She’s been called a liberal lion.”

“The stakes are too high this time,” the rabbit said. “The survival of the worst U.S. president ever may be on the line. Trump don’t need no lion, he needs a weasel. Kavanaugh is his answered prayer.”

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