Are perfect storms the wave of the future?

The Day After Tomorrow (2004) has a cheesy script, but the spectacle of New York City immersed except for the upper floors of its tallest buildings is worth the DVD rental fee and doesn’t seem silly in our post-Hurricane Sandy world. In one scene, survivors of a climate-change catastrophe huddle in the New York Public Library, burning books in a big fireplace to keep from freezing.

In the real world, scientists are saying climate change almost certainly enhanced the impact of Sandy. This is from Cornell and Rutgers researchers:

So while [Sandy] does appear to have been the perfect storm, we can, unfortunately, expect many more as we move toward ice-free Arctic conditions in the coming years (see “Experts Warn ‘Near Ice-Free Arctic In Summer’ In A Decade If Volume Trends Continue”).

Polar bears might not be the only creatures who’ll have nothing left to stand on. It’ll be like that old song — “Row Your Boat Down Broadway,” I think it was called.

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