Why Adelson is so generous to GOP

The greedy gnome is a pragmatist, not an ideologue:

In actuality, [Sheldon] Adelson’s fealty to the GOP stems primarily from the fact that his “Las Vegas Sands Corp. is being scrutinized by federal investigators looking into possible money-laundering in Vegas, and possible violation of bribery laws by the company’s ventures in China, including four casinos in the gambling mecca of Macau.”

Maybe, but do you have any idea how much money must have changed hands in Adelson’s successful effort to establish casinos close to hundreds of millions of Chinese? I’ll bet you all my chips that Obama’s so-called Justice Department never brings charges against the gnome, just as it never charged any of the corrupt power brokers on Wall Street.

Footnote: The Brian Eno video is from the 1970s, in the very early stages of China’s transition from a Communist monster to a capitalist monster.

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