Dad, can I borrow $100K for college?

This is premature, but Mitt Romney seems more and more like a gift from the gods to the Barack Obama re-election campaign. The quarter-billion-dollar man is tone deaf but he keeps braying, and each of his pronouncements seem more out of tune with the national mood than the last. From Paul Krugman:

Let’s start with some advice Mitt Romney gave to college students during an appearance last week. After denouncing President Obama’s “divisiveness,” the candidate told his audience, “Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business.”

The first thing you notice here is, of course, the Romney touch — the distinctive lack of empathy for those who weren’t born into affluent families, who can’t rely on the Bank of Mom and Dad to finance their ambitions. But the rest of the remark is just as bad in its own way.

I mean, “get the education”? And pay for it how? Tuition at public colleges and universities has soared, in part thanks to sharp reductions in state aid. Mr. Romney isn’t proposing anything that would fix that; he is, however, a strong supporter of the Ryan budget plan, which would drastically cut federal student aid, causing roughly a million students to lose their Pell grants…

A gift from the gods, or an android sent by extraterrestrials to sabotage the GOP’s efforts to create environmental disaster. Or just a tremendous lucky break for the hapless, undeserving Democrats.

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10 Responses to Dad, can I borrow $100K for college?

  1. gnomevomit says:

    ya, you don’t have to pay those loans back. Defer it 7 years into the magic future.


  2. robinhood63 says:

    Sure, just have dad write a check. As long as you have checks you have money. Right? Or just cash in some stocks that are laying around collecting dust.


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  4. My favorite Romney line: (while trying to connect with Nascar fans) “some of my best friends are team owners”


  5. jawbone says:

    I’m trying to figure out why you labeled Romney as “the quarter-billion-dollar man” — I thought he was worth a bit more than a mere quarter billion. What am I forgetting?



    • oddmanout215 says:

      From NYT: “With a fortune estimated to be as large as a quarter of a billion dollars, Mitt Romney is among the wealthiest men ever to run for president.” But the Times also noted in the same article that “the wealth that has helped underwrite his career in politics remains shrouded in considerable secrecy…”


  6. …and a distinctive lack of empathy for those who bore them. To lose hope for yourself is one thing; to lose hope for your child is quite another.


  7. sanctimonious purist says:

    yes, and by focusing on all of the stupid things Romney says, we leave ouselves paralyzed in the face of cuts to education, safety net privatization, recession, bank bailouts, fraud and theft by the 1%, rising poverty, increasing numbers of incarcerations, extraordinary rendition, the wars, increased surveillance of our lives, and on and on under Obama.

    When will we wise up. Rombama or Obomney doesn’t make a difference. Focus on creating a society that will provide a real choice.


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