Talking with voters, walking with CEOs

What will it mean to American voters that Barack Obama has signed into law three trade deals that will destroy up to 159,000 American jobs, and that he did this at approximately the same time he promised to get serious about job creation at home? As Firedoglake notes, this latest betrayal

… tells you something important about President Obama and many members of Congress. The problem isn’t that most of our elected officials actually want to destroy Americans who have jobs, all things being equal they do want Americans to have jobs. The problem is protecting American jobs is a much lower priority for Obama and most members of Congress than is giving the large corporate lobbyists what they are willing to donate millions to see advanced.

It is always good to be reminded where you stand.

In other words, it will mean that voters, including all of us who voted for Obama, can move forward with fresh confirmation that the primary goal of this president is not to serve the people, but to be re-elected. (I know, what else is new?) Further, that all sitting presidents, Democrat or Republican, listen to lobbyists, not workers, because the big money for re-election bids comes from the corporations, not “grassroots” contributors.

It means that Obama is an unrepentant windbag who will talk jobs from now until November 2012 but will continue to walk with CEOs and banksters at critical moments. This also goes for most members of Congress, of course, who figure the jobs lost to South Korea, Panama and Colombia, a viciously anti-trade unionist country, will be forgotten by voters at election time.

Finally, it means the Occupy movement is likely to keep spreading. People are tired of living in a corporatocracy.

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2 Responses to Talking with voters, walking with CEOs

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  2. dradioman72 says:

    This will impact his supporters more than we know. Just like NAFTA’s giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the U.S.


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