Uh-oh, ‘the help’ is marching in NYC

How would you like to make pennies cleaning up after the royalists who helped create one of the biggest financial messes of all time, or after people just like them? Workers in NYC don’t like it at all:

Hundreds of office cleaners and guards marched near Wall Street on Wednesday demanding good jobs and protesting economic inequality, while a smaller group of demonstrators rallied at JPMorgan Chase’s skyscraper. The marches were part of a growing Occupy Wall Street movement, the month-long protests that have inspired solidarity rallies planned for Thursday at some 90 U.S. college campuses. Demonstrations have occurred in more than 1,400 cities around the world.

The movement began on Sept. 17, when protesters set up camp in a park near Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, upset that the billions of dollars in bank bailouts doled out during the recession allowed banks to resume earning huge profits while average Americans have had no relief from high unemployment and job insecurity. Participants also complain the richest 1 percent of Americans do not pay their fair share of taxes…

Protesters appeared to be directing frustration at JP Morgan Chase’s high-profile chief executive, Jamie Dimon. About 500 protesters on Tuesday met on Manhattan’s upscale Upper East Side, marching past the homes of Dimon, hedge fund manager John Paulson, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and David Koch, co-founder of energy firm Koch Industries…

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