Fiction reading Wed. at Rutgers-Camden

7 pm Wednesday, Oct. 5
Walt Whitman Arts Center, 2nd Floor
101 Cooper St.
Camden, NJ

David McKenna, a.k.a. Odd Man Out, will read “Chokepoint,” from Idiot Lights, his collection of thematically related short stories set in Atlantic City and Philadelphia, told from the point of view of protagonists who suspect that, rather than moving forward in life, they are harboring delusions of progress that repeatedly bring them back to the same starting points. Their only relief from delusion is achieved through sex or violence, or an occasional good movie (vicarious sex and violence).

Also reading will be fiction writer Violet LeVoit, author of the short story collection I Am Genghis Cum, and poet Seve Torres.

Directions from Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Center City Philly:

1. Stay in the right lane.
2. On Jersey side, take the Sixth Street/Broadway exit toward Camden
3. Turn right onto N 6th Street
4. Turn right onto Cooper Street

Destination will be on the right:

101 Cooper St
Camden, NJ 08102

(For a map, Google “Benjamin Franklin Bridge” to “101 Cooper St., Camden, NJ”)

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