On the road to Johnny Brenda’s w/ Nicos Gun

You’re achy and pissed when you pull into Roadkill, AL, or wherever, and sick of looking at each other, of the smell of each other in that RV you’re rattling around in. But South by Southwest in Austin was sweet and so were the other gigs, and you haven’t starved yet, and Joe Bob and the boys at the Waffle House were nothing like the extras in Easy Rider.

The good write-ups help, including one by Bruce Warren of WXPN.

But four hours sleep every night sucks. It feels good to swing east and then north like Sherman’s rearguard, through Atlanta and the Carolinas, then up to D.C. and to Philly for a show tonight at Johnny Brenda’s, where the pretty machines will know all your songs.

This gig won’t quite end the tour, but you’ll be back in Philly again long before you play the Roots Picnic on June 4. Happy trails.

Nicos Gun with Morning Teleportation 9pm April 5 at Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, (215) 739-9684. Admission $10.

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