From ostrich jacket to jailhouse jumpsuit


This is what happens when you have all the money in the world but no heart or imagination:

Paul Manafort — President Trump’s former campaign chairman who’s currently on trial in Virginia on charges of money laundering, tax evasion and conspiracy — reportedly splurged $15,000 on an ostrich jacket. It’s an oddity even among jet-setters, stylists say.

The allegation took flight in federal court Tuesday, where prosecutors charged that Manafort’s luxuries and bank account benefited from his alleged financial fraud. Specifically, attorney Uzo Asonye accused the lobbyist of not paying taxes on money he earned while working in Ukraine for a political candidate, then using the dough on indulgences like a $2 million house, $21,000 watch and a custom, $15,000 jacket made from an ostrich.

He was a high priest of materialism who couldn’t stop buying suits and carpets and houses and weird vanity gifts for himself. A karaoke machine. You simply have to have one if you entertain.

He was a consultant to dictators, a guy who specialized in spreading misery around the world. Where do such people come from, and isn’t it telling that they flock without fail to degenerates like Donald Trump?

He spent much of the past few years on a buying spree, indulging himself while he could, as if he knew he’d eventually get nailed by the IRS or the Russian mafia.

“You can’t take it with you,” should be carved on his tombstone, if he has enough money left for a tombstone.

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2 Responses to From ostrich jacket to jailhouse jumpsuit

  1. “Where do such people come from, and isn’t it telling that they flock without fail to degenerates like Donald Trump?” Seriously!!! He’s like an orange beacon glowing in the night to these types!! This guy is ridiculous and has zero morals or ethical values. I also read that he tells people he’s treated like a VIP in prison. Ugh. I can’t even get started on what kind of ass wears a jacket made out of an ostrich.


  2. oddmanout215 says:

    Reporters found out Manafort also purchased an $18,000 jacket made of cobra skins. I wonder if he had a leopard-skin pillbox hat to go with that?


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