(Not so) special delivery from UPS/Swift


When the music’s over, turn out the lights. 
— The Doors

Yo Taylor, I’m curious as to why your handlers are using UPS trucks to help sell your new album, and how many edgy but lesser known artists could have benefited from a portion of the millions spent to market all your awesome whitebread hits.

OK, I’m not that curious.

Marketing is what it always was — a tool for convincing shoppers that a silk purse and a sow’s ear are the same. And edgy is out. Those bold, innovative rockers who were as commercially successful as you and Justin Bieber and your buddy Kanye West are fading or gone. They only make news when their obits appear.

Nowadays, sugar pop and hip-hop rule. Rock ‘n’ roll, once a force for change, survives mostly as background noise for beer commercials and video games. Good music is being made but most young rockers can’t get past Square One, where they earn pennies playing dive bars and streaming on Spotify.

I know, I’m a dinosaur. I can’t warm up to simpering divas or songs with weak hooks and dumb lyrics. Haters gonna hate hate hate. Look what you made me do. I guess this means we are never ever getting back together.

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