Fear Hillary’s ideology, not her email servers

Hillary Clinton  fans are crying foul because she was accused last week of carelessness by James Comey, the FBI chief. They should be breathing sighs of relief.

Imagine how Hillary  would have fared if she wasn’t joined at the hip with the secrecy-obsessed Barack Obama, whose administration doesn’t look kindly on government employees who mess around with classified information — unless they’re in with the in crowd.

As Glenn Greenwald noted:

Had someone who was obscure and unimportant and powerless done what Hillary Clinton did — recklessly and secretly install a shoddy home server and work with top-secret information on it, then outright lie to the public about it when they were caught — they would have been criminally charged long ago, with little fuss or objection.

But I’m with Bernie Sanders, who months ago declined to make a big deal about Hillary’s emails. There are so many more important reasons to wince at the idea of Hillary as president — for starters, her warmongering history as secretary of state; her reciprocal love affair with Wall Street banks and corporations like Walmart; her promise to task Bill Clinton with “revitalizing the economy, because he knows how to do it.”

I know, anybody but Trump, but who really thinks Hillary will be a force for good, given her nostalgic attachment to the discredited neoliberal policies that ultimately benefit no one but the rich and powerful?

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