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Have you no sense of decency, sir…?

Frank Rich defends Harry Reid against illustrious Republicans Ann Coulter and RNC Chairman Reince “What Planet Am I From” Priebus: Last week, Harry Reid claimed on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid any taxes for ten years. The … Continue reading

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Tune in with your new assault rifle

One can only wonder who would have ended up owning this mail-order killing machine, and what he would have done with it. Taken it to the movies, maybe: Police in Washington are looking into how a local resident who ordered … Continue reading

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Texas executes retarded man after Scalia rejects stay

Recently, the good old boys who oversee the prison system in cruel and unusual Texas made the news in connection with the heat-related deaths of ten inmates. Yesterday, the boys were back in the news, this time for executing a … Continue reading

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Cruel and unusual Texas

I wondered for a moment last week if it has occurred to the good old boys who run the Texas prison system that their Christian sky-god, if he existed, might send them straight to hell: Last summer’s record-breaking heat wave … Continue reading

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