Cut food stamps, save the F-35!

The projected costs of this war toy have hurtled through the stratosphere and are moving into deep space.

And save the rich from having to return to those grim days before the Bush tax cuts, which have, over the past decade, added $2.4 trillion to the federal deficit.

From ThinkProgress:

Yesterday, House Republicans moved legislation forward aimed at preventing any reductions in military spending, even if that means cutting much needed programs for the nation’s poorest. The House Armed Services Committee’s bill provides $554 billion for the Pentagon — $29 billion more than [the Department of Defense] had requested — while the GOP-led Budget Committee packaged six bills that would “slice $261 billion from food stamps, Medicaid, social services and other programs for struggling Americans.”

From DoD, the Online Defense and Acquisition Journal, March 20:

Cost overruns for the first batches of F-35 Lightning IIs total more than $1 billion, Congress’ watchdog agency said Tuesday, in the latest report to detail the woes of the world’s largest defense program.

The overall cost estimate for the whole program is now close to $400 billion, according to the Government Accountability Office, and although investigators were careful to note the progress DoD and Lockheed Martin have made in the past year, the overall picture remained very bleak.

Also from ThinkProgress:

While Republicans push these cuts [in programs for the poor] in the name of righting America’s balance sheet and staving off a debt crisis, their efforts are miniscule compared to their push to extend budget busting tax cuts for the rich. By promising last week that they will offer a full extension of the Bush tax cuts — at a 10-year cost of $2.4 trillion — without offsetting the cost, GOP leaders assured Americans that their deficit-reduction efforts will never be achieved.

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4 Responses to Cut food stamps, save the F-35!

  1. abbeysbooks says:

    It’s all just Deterrence. Just so they can hear the screams and where they are coming from. Just so they can look like they are doing something to earn their money. These are clowns in DC amusing themselves and us.


  2. robinhood63 says:

    BASTARDS!!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help it.


  3. Gregory Bazydlo says:

    Food stamps are very useful if you want to have some instant food. I usually get my food stamps from a friend of mine. ..`,` Hope This Helps! health conditions blog


  4. Let me guess… Your friend drives a Lexus and owns four houses… There really aren’t poor, hungry people out there…The food stamp program is a federal racket to take money from the rich… Is that the sort of garbage you couldn’t quite spell out?


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