Paul Ryan is Robin Hood for the rich

Ayn Rand wasn’t a good enough fiction writer to create protagonists who were anything more than mouthpieces for her cartoonish, elitist “philosophy.” However, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan is the word made flesh — a real-life monster of selfishness and, fittingly, a long-time worshiper of Rand.

Ryan’s budget plan, which is backed by Mitt Romney, is a tribute to Rand’s ability to inspire mean-spirited people to elevate their meanness into law.

From Truthdig:

The Ryan-Romney plan would cut taxes to the affluent and corporations, increase arms spending and cut expenditures for almost everything else, including environmental programs, child care, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, aid to college students and funding for transportation, which includes air traffic control. Medicare would be cut, the health care reform law repealed. If you think the health reform law is too kind to insurance companies, you’ll be amazed at the way Ryan-Romney lets big insurance really run things.

“In essence, this budget is Robin Hood in reverse—on steroids,” said Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “It would likely produce the largest redistribution of income from the bottom to the top in modern U.S. history and likely increase poverty and inequality more than any other budget in recent times and possibly in the nation’s history…”

Taking from the poor and giving to the rich, how noble. If implemented, Ryan’s plan would be a big step toward creating the neo-feudalistic America that Rand envisioned, and the America that the Republican Party has been working toward for decades.

How long before the general public realizes the scope of the plan, and the depravity of those who think it’s a good thing? One can only hope the November elections will be a turning point, but don’t bet your house on it — if you’ve still got one.

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