Cheeseheads battle billionaires

Not long ago, the people of Wisconsin were dumb enough to elect Gov. Scott Walker, a dull-eyed lapdog for a group of billionaires that wants to destroy organized labor and do business without paying taxes. Now Wisconsin citizens are trying to undo their mistake with a recall movement that faces strong opposition from, oddly enough, a group of billionaires.

A story about Walker is featured in this week’s New Yorker. You can’t read the whole piece on the Internet unless you subscribe to the magazine, but don’t fret, I excerpted a passage that draws a stark contrast between the two sides:

In mid-January, United Wisconsin submitted more than a million signatures to recall Walker… On the snowy Tuesday when the petitions, weighing three thousand pounds, were filed with the Accountability Board, in Madison, Scott Walker was on Park Avenue, in New York, attending a five-thousand-dollar-a-couple fund-raiser for the anti-recall effort. The event was hosted by Maurice Greenberg, the billionaire former chairman of American International Group, the insurance company that was rescued from bankruptcy in 2008 by the largest federal bailout for a single institution in United States history — $182 billion.

That pretty much says it all. In this corner are the poor schmucks who belatedly realized the only way to save jobs, decent salaries and benefits is through sheer force of numbers. In that corner is the small group that wants to retain government for the billionaires, with built-in provisions for limitless corporate welfare. I hope it’s clear to most Americans what the battle is about, and that it ultimately will be fought on a national scale. It’s certainly clear to the piggies on Park Avenue.

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3 Responses to Cheeseheads battle billionaires

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  2. Outlook? The billionaires are still rich and the cheeseheads are still dumb.


  3. My son lives in Wisconsin and having some insight to the people there, I could not believe they elected him. Silver tongued snake. Reminds me of Elmer Gantry.


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