When he was good

From Rod Stewart’s first solo album (1969), released not long after he broke with the great guitarist Jeff Beck. This was before Stewart stopped singing songs about working-class misfits and turned into a Hollywood poof (“Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”).

I like this from Paul Evans, writing for Rolling Stone Album Guide:

An object lesson in the perils of pandering, Stewart’s career proves that “selling out” wasn’t just some thought crime dreamed up by ’60s idealists. For a golden hour, Rod the Mod was one of rock’s finest singers, with a lock on, of all things, sincerity, taste and self-mocking humor…

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4 Responses to When he was good

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  2. NormanLake says:

    Rod was NEVER better than when he and Ronnie Wood joined the ‘Small’ Faces , proceeded to provide some fine rock and roll, in no ‘small’ part, in fact even to a very LARGE part with the Excellent Ronnie Lane and the boys as musical foils.


  3. Bud McNulty says:

    Should have been one of those who passed on at 27!


    • oddmanout215 says:

      That’s too harsh. If he’d died that young he would have missed being serviced by super-models and scoring that $5 million payday from Steven Schwartzman, the hedge fund billionaire who bitches about having to pay taxes. I just wish Stewart had stopped putting out new albums after age 27, or maybe 30. The best analogy I can think of is the talented boxer who is washed up but refuses to quit and ends up with a mediocre record and brain damage because he “needed the money.”


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