Pre-speech e-mail from my buddy Barack

I received an e-mail from the president late Thursday afternoon as he was preparing for last night’s important jobs speech. The chief addressed me as “David” and signed his message “Barack.” I was so moved by this personal gesture, I had to reply.

Obama to McKenna:

David —
I’m about to head to the Capitol to ask Congress to act on my plan to put Americans back to work. Before I do, I wanted to write you directly to remind you that the fight to create jobs — and provide the kind of economic security for middle-class families that’s been slipping away over the last decade — won’t begin or end with the speech I give tonight. What happens will be up to you. In the coming days and weeks, it will be up to you to pressure Congress to act — or hold them accountable if they do not. If you’re with me, let me know. And the campaign will make sure you are looped into our efforts to support this plan.

Talk to you soon,

McKenna to Obama:

Thanks for keeping me “looped into” your efforts. I think you’re right, the fight won’t begin tonight. Don’t take this the wrong way, dude, but I don’t think there’s going to be a fight. You’ll pitch something big and bold-seeming, but the Super Committee (POW! BANG!!) will strip away the meat then gnaw the bones. And in truth it won’t be that bold to begin with, because you’ll start by meeting Republicans halfway on their plan to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Not to bust your bubble, old buddy, but the fight should have begun more than two years ago, when you had majorities in both houses and some cred with the people who voted for you. You blew that by turning your back on the poor and middle-class while you took care of the millionaires. A lot of people — not me, of course — think you only talk jobs when you’re campaigning.

I’d wish you good luck, but I know you don’t need it. Not when it comes to speechifying.

Talk to you soon,


I found out registered Democrats all over the country got the same e-mail as me, but each with his or her own name in it! How’d you do that, dude? Anyway, just wondering how things went with Congress tonight. I’ll bet you gave ’em heck.

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  2. “Looped in”? Is that what the kidz under Axelrod’s desk are saying these days?


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