God taps Rick Perry for prez…

… but what about the other Christian worthies?

… Lest you think the Lone Star State has the only direct line to the divine, note that, in this presidential cycle, both Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain have said they are running at God’s behest. So, for that matter, has Paul Sims, an ex-firefighter and self-proclaimed “George Washington of today” from Rolla, Missouri, who shared his plans via a YouTube video posted in March. In a less conventional move, Mike Huckabee explained that his decision not to run for president was based on God’s guidance.

All of which means the governor with the cowboy boots and the permanent wave might encounter a bumpy road should he decide to go with God. As the Good Book (almost) says, “Many are called, but only one is chosen for the nomination.”

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1 Response to God taps Rick Perry for prez…

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    When someone hears voices in his or her head, as these politicians claim, that’s commonly known as schizophrenia. If they really do hear the voice of “god,” they should be on heavy medication or locked up in mental institutions. The last place they should be is in government.


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