Obama to workers: Can’t find those shoes!

I'm not sure this style is presidential enough...

If Americans workers are being denied their rights to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself; I’ll walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States of America because workers deserve to know that somebody’s standing in their corner.

Candidate Barack Obama, 2007

It’s a pleasure to walk into Center City Philadelphia, and it’s downright thrilling when you know President Barack Obama will be walking with you to show support for embattled union workers.

I’m referring to the “Save the American Dream” rally at LOVE Park, attended by upwards of 700 union members and union supporters, one of dozens of such events held Saturday around the country in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to gut collective bargaining laws in Wisconsin.

I’m joking about Obama being there, of course. While campaigning for president, he pledged what sounded like solidarity with working people everywhere. Then he got elected and revealed he felt more at home with the likes of Lawrence Summers and Tim Geithner.

Obama made a lukewarm statement of support for Wisconsin workers two weeks ago and, in a speech today, asked people not to vilify unions. He has attended no — as in zero — pro-worker rallies since Walker launched his crusade.

I guess he can’t find those shoes. I’d ship him my old pair of Asics, but they’re a bit too comfortable for the President of the United States (the soles are falling off). Can anybody out there help this man start walking?

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