The ‘decoupling’ of Americans from good jobs

… The President’s failure to address the decoupling of American corporate profits from American jobs, and explain specifically what he’ll do to get jobs back, not only risks making his grand plans for reviving the nation’s “competitiveness” seem somewhat beside the point but also cedes to Republicans the dominant narrative. — Robert Reich, Jan. 26

Thank you, Robert Reich, for acknowledging “the elephant in the room” ignored by the mainstream journalists who, in yesterday’s news, further buffed and polished Obama’s brilliantly banal speech. And congrats on “decoupling,” which politely describes a horrendous phenomenon hardly ever cited, or even sighted, when editorial sages explore the widening gulf between rich and poor Americans.

(On an upbeat note, at least the money wasters in Philly government have yet to decouple snow plow operators from their jobs.)

I know I’ve asked you this before, Bob, but isn’t it time you stopped pretending Obama is any better than the people with whom he’s chosen to surround himself, including Jeffrey Immelt, CEO at General Electric, which “has more foreign employees than American,” as you so pointedly noted? Could you maybe start writing about elected Democrats with a social conscience and fighting spirit who might want to challenge Obama when he runs for re-election? (As if he’s not running already.)

Enough. I’m going outside now to throw snowballs. It’s more therapeutic than wasting words on Obama.

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