New Year’s in the twilight zone

Rod Serling to Robert Reich: What planet you on?

Republicans are telling Americans a Big Lie, and Obama and the Democrats are letting them. The Big Lie is our economic problems are due to a government that’s too large, and therefore the solution is to shrink it. The truth is our economic problems stem from the biggest concentration of income and wealth at the top since 1928, combined with stagnant incomes for most of the rest of us. — Robert Reich, Jan. 4, Reader Supported News

Barack Obama is weaving a tangled web. On the one hand, he stresses that America can “out-compete other countries around the world” and, in doing so, raise stagnant and falling incomes at home. On the other, he refuses to acknowledge that American companies are methodically destroying any hope of raised incomes by outsourcing  jobs and R&D departments. The rich get richer, and at lightning speed these days.

And yet Reich won’t allow himself to reach the logical conclusion — i.e., the downward spiral won’t stop so long as our only alternative to the party of the rich is Obama and the faux-Democratic establishment that caved to every greedy Republican demand. A bunch of unctuous frauds almost as beholden to the corporations as the GOP.

Reich says he hopes Obama will use his upcoming State of the Union address to “stand up to the Big Lie,” but surely he doesn’t believe this will happen. He’s doing a verbal dance to show that he, Reich, was on the right side of history when the new dark age began.

Is this really the Obama we elected? Is this Reich? (Cue the cool intro music.) We’re moving into a land of shadows not substance, platitudes not ideas. The signpost up ahead reads 2011, but we’ve just crossed over to… the twilight zone.

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5 Responses to New Year’s in the twilight zone

  1. Dan Henry says:

    If the republicans are the party of the rich the democrats are the party of the poor lazy and stupid. I look around the people i’ve known in my life and most of them are enjoying a nice middle class life style.They were able to do this by working hard and leading decent honest lives. While many of them had set backs like layoffs,plant closing etc. they didn’t whine and complain. They found new jobs or went back to school so they could get better jobs.And most of them did it while raising families. It wasn’t easy. Now you have these slugs collecting their third year of unemployment while every new business that opens up is run by someone from another country who can barely speak english. These people are living the american dream while the people born in this country whine and complain and wait for another handout. I would gladly take every hard working illegal immirgrant and trade them for our lifetime project dwellers, welfare loafers food stamp users and the people who don’t feed their kids breakfast before they go to school. while i’m at it throw in all the people that don’t take care of their kids and all the junkies.Life is tuff get over it. If your a teacher your going to have to live on a teachers salary if you decide to be a plumber,cop, cab driver etc same thing. If you decide to be the CEO of a large corparation you’ll most likely be rich its your choice this is America hard work pays off. If we can get these parasites out of our wallets and eliminate these entitlements it would be a great first step in our economic recovery. You don’t mind helping the helpless but not the clueless if you cant make money in this country your an idiot. Dave hope everything is going well . your right it feels good to get things off your chest.


    • oddmanout215 says:

      A lot of people go back to school, but few find jobs. American corporations, with the help of flag-waving politicians in both parties, have moved the jobs overseas. Working people are being stripped of benefits. Unions are being crushed. And yet many Americans in the dwindling middle class, rather than go after the corporate skunks who steal billions from us, would rather rant about welfare loafers, junkies and so on. They are the angry allies of their own gravediggers… Good to hear from you, Dan. I hope all’s well.


  2. Dan Henry says:

    I think your confused about whos stealing money. When did the deadbeats start hiring americans. I would also like to thank the teachers union for putting out a great product in our public schools.Talk about deadbeats. how did we surive with 90 kids in a class,maybe if they taught self responceability we would not be in this mess. As far as a dwindling middle class I don’t see it. We might be going thru a bad time but we’ll surive. Its nice to live in a country where being poor means you have cable tv and $100 sneakers and your fat.


  3. oddmanout215 says:

    It’s clear who’s stealing. One example: Walmart, instead of providing decent benefits, encourages its “associates” to enroll in state Medicaid programs. Taxpayers subsidize the health care of people who work for one of the richest families in the world. The Waltons are welfare cheats on a grand scale and recipients of huge tax breaks. Most of what they sell is made overseas. They get what they want because they own all the politicians… “Dwindling” is the right word for the middle class. Income inequality in the U.S. is higher now than it was in the Depression, and it’s getting worse. Everybody I know has noticed this.


  4. Dan Henry says:

    I agree with you about walmart. But if the people who worked there had half a brain they would vote to join a union. Everyone I know thinks they should make more money its human nature to complain about your salary, but most would agree their standard of living is far and away much better than when they grew up. And to compare this economic down turn to the great depression ,be it income inequality or unemployment rolls is nuts.


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