Where’s the sanity, dude?

Memo to Stewart: There’s no point to rallying about nothing.

Jon Stewart should stick to mild satire. His interviews can be politely irreverent, and he does an amusing job of using news clips to show that the media is, by and large, lazy and hypocritical in its coverage of national politics. (As if we didn’t already know that.)

But now Stewart is becoming grandiose, and that’s the same as boring. His weekend Rally to Restore Sanity was nothing but an opportunity for his fans — the ones who apparently don’t have anything better to do — to graze like lily-white sheep in Washington, D.C., pretending to be hip, while Stewart basked in their adulation and avoided voicing his opinions on issues that are changing our lives. Instead, he railed against the big, bad media.

Watching video of the event, I asked myself the same questions I’d asked while following Stewart’s promotion of his “non-partisan” rally last month: If you’re not taking a political stand, aren’t you merely standing around?

Alex Pareene of Salon thinks Stewart’s rally was implicitly Democratic: “An endorsement of civility and reason is basically an endorsement of Barack Obama,” Pareene wrote. “‘Reason and civility’ are practically the Democratic party’s platform. The rally was a call to keep fighting for the things that make educated young liberals support Democrats in the first place.”

I say “Bullshit.” I’ll bet most of the reasonable, allegedly educated liberals at Stewart’s rally won’t even vote today. They’re too busy pretending to be too reasonable to participate in partisan politics. The right-wing kooks who overwhelmingly represent the Republican Party in the mid-terms are happy that these liberals are so reasonable. Their reasonableness will make it all the more likely that the kooks will take control of Congress and, in the next two years, do their best to make the federal government even more dysfunctional.

I have seen and heard enough of this year’s Republicans to know they’re my enemies, and enemies of everyone else who isn’t wealthy. Most of the Democratic candidates aren’t good for much, but they’re saints compared to the GOP, which exists to serve the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.

Sometimes you have to temper reason with anger. I voted today because my contempt for Republicans — the people who talk about creating jobs while helping corporations outsource American jobs — trumps my contempt for cowardly Democrats. My vote was cast in anger, but it was also the reasonable — and sane — thing to do.

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3 Responses to Where’s the sanity, dude?

  1. David Rogers says:

    It seems obvious enough, although neither side, Republican or Democrat, seems interested in addressing the outsourcing of our children’s future and their own tax base.


  2. writerchick says:

    Of course it never occurs to you that outsourcing comes as a result of government interfering with businesses, through endless and redundant regulations, taxes, fines, fees, etc. etc. Not to mention the fact that pretty much no one can do anything without the constant fear of being sued by anyone for anything. Believe it or not trying to run a business is not a piece of cake, even a small business. Hating on those who provide jobs by and large to the majority of Americans may be counter-productive to your goals. And really, what about all those big corporations who back demmies with big corporate dollars? Are they okay?

    It’s fine that your motivation for voting is your hatred of the ‘other side’ and I’d be willing to bet that there are plenty of pubbies out their voting from the same motivation.

    I wonder though, have you ever actually talked to a pubbie or a conservative? Not argued, not opposed, but actually just talked about why they feel the way they do? It could be an enlightening experience.

    Writer Chick


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