No more ear meat for Iron Mike

Ex-champ’s vegan conversion still hard to digest

Mike Tyson bites for his life.

I’m way behind on celebrity gossip. It turns out Mike Tyson says he appeared in the movie The Hangover because he needed drug money, but the big story – the one that apparently broke way back in May – was that Iron Mike, the former baddest man on the planet, the boxer who bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear, had lost a lot of excess weight after becoming a vegan. How did I miss this? Who’s next for vegan-ism, Michael Vick?

Footnote: Holyfield was/is a notoriously dirty fighter. Tyson resorted to biting only after Holyfield repeatedly head-butted him.

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1 Response to No more ear meat for Iron Mike

  1. S. Brown says:

    Carrots are far better for you than ears. Spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, beans . . . how can an ear compete nutritionally? It can’t. True, a little ear nibbling here and there can while away the late night hours. But where is the food value? I remember, during the Vietnam war, when soldiers would send enemy ears home to their girlfriends. These women, I am glad to report, had the sense not to eat them. They knew there was no point to it. And hour later they’d be starving. Okay, okay, there’s a glob of suet in each lobe. But how many lobes are required for a decent meal? Have you ever thought of that? So lay off Mike. If he wants to eat ears of corn, let him. He’s an earnest guy, an early riser, an earthy guy who wears an earring, and we all admire him even if he isn’t earning what he used to. Wow – the whole thing is eerie.


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